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Interactive T-Shirt Catalogue

print TShirt Singapore provides the widest range of t-shirts and apparels for printing. Our types of t-shirts for printing includes the ever popular Round Neck T-Shirts, to the corporate professional Collared/Polo T-Shirts, and even to the cooler Hoodies and Pullovers. These types of t-shirts also comes in different t-shirt material for you to choose from. Ranging from 100% cotton t-shirt material to a mixed polyester synthetic t-shirt material, be rest assured that print TShirt Singapore is able to cater to all your specific t-shirt printing needs!

In addition, all our t-shirts and their materials are specifically made for t-shirt printing and customisation of your own design. You may also want to check out the various t-shirt printing methods!


Round Neck T-Shirts

Round Neck T-Shirts are considered to be the staple product of the t-shirt printing industry. Being a casual wear, it is very suitable for everyday wear and thus being an everyday essential for many of us.

Round Neck T-Shirts

Collared/Polo T-Shirts

With a propped up collar, our polo t-shirts gives off a professional feel, striking a lasting impression with our various polo t-shirt designs.

Collared/Polo T-Shirts


Fancy our cool sweatshirts for your t-shirt printing order? print TShirt Singapore has a wide range of sweatshirts from cotton pullovers to cool Cotton Zip Hoodies for you to choose from.


One-Page T-Shirt Catalogue

print TShirt Singapore brings to you the one and only One-Page T-Shirt Catalogue for your convenience. Tired of scrolling from pages to pages to find the t-shirt design to print? Now you can see all our t-shirt designs from one single page using quick filters without the need to load more pages!

  • RCM76 Cotton Round Neck T-Shirt (Plain)
  • RCM764 Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Plain)
  • RCM765 Cotton Raglan Round Neck T-Shirt
  • RCM766 Cotton Ringer Round Neck T-Shirt
  • RCM767 Cotton Raglan Quarter Sleeve T-Shirt
  • SCM88 Cotton Pullover
  • SCM885 Cotton Hoodie
  • SCM886 Cotton Zip Hoodie
  • PCM73 Cotton Polo T-Shirt (Plain)
  • RDM11 Dri-fit Round Neck T-Shirt
  • RDM12 Dri-fit T-Shirt
  • RDM13 Dri-fit T-Shirt
  • RDM15 Dri-fit Singlet
  • RDM16 Dri-fit Singlet
  • RDM36 Dri-fit Round Neck T-Shirt (Plain)
  • PDM11 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDM12 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDM13 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDM14 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDM15 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDM16 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDM21 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDM22 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDM23 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDM24 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDM25 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDM26 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDM72 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt (Plain)
  • PCO10 Cotton Polo T-Shirt
  • PCO11 Cotton Polo T-Shirt
  • PCO12 Cotton Polo T-Shirt
  • PCO13 Cotton Polo T-Shirt
  • PCO14 Cotton Polo T-Shirt
  • PCO15 Cotton Polo T-Shirt
  • PCO16 Cotton Polo T-Shirt
  • PCO17 Cotton Polo T-Shirt
  • PCO09 Cotton Long Sleeve Polo T-Shirt (Plain)
  • PDO18 Dri-fit Mandarin Collar Polo T-Shirt
  • PDO30 Unisex Dri-fit Mandarin Collar Polo T-Shirt
  • PDO25 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDO27 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDO31 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDO33 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDO34 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDO37 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDO39 Dri-fit Zip Polo T-Shirt
  • PDO41 Dri-fit Maindarin Collar Polo T-Shirt
  • PDO44 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PDO45 Dri-fit Polo T-Shirt
  • PIO10 Cotton Interlock Polo T-Shirt
  • PSO01 Single Jersey Polo T-Shirt
  • PSO03 Single Jersey Long Sleeve Polo T-Shirt
  • PIO11 Cotton Interlock Polo T-Shirt
  • PSO04 Single Jersey Polo T-Shirt
  • PSO05 Single Jersey Long Sleeve Polo T-Shirt
  • RDO36 Dri-fit Round Neck T-Shirt
  • RDO38 Dri-fit Round Neck T-Shirt
  • RDO42 Dri-fit Round Neck T-Shirt
  • RDO43 Dri-fit Round Neck T-Shirt
  • SCO06 High Density Vest Jacket
  • WO01R High Density Reversible Windbreaker
  • WO03R High Density Reversible Windbreaker
  • WO04R High Density Reversible Windbreaker
  • WO04 Microfiber Windbreaker
  • WO06 High Density Windbreaker
  • WO05 High Density Windbreaker
  • WO10 Cotton Zip Hoodie
  • RCO01 Cotton V Neck Muslimah
  • RCO02 Cotton Round Neck Muslimah
  • RCO03 Cotton Round Neck Muslimah
  • RCO04 Cotton Round Neck Muslimah
  • FPO34 Polyester Uniform
  • FPO32 Polyester Uniform
  • FPO30 Polyester Uniform
  • FPO28 Polyester Uniform
  • FPO26 Polyester Uniform
  • SCM188 Vintage Cotton Cadet Collar Sweatshirt
  • SPO01 Polyester Uniform
  • FPO22 Polyester Uniform
  • FPO18 Polyester Uniform
  • VCM63 Cotton V Neck T-Shirt
  • FPO16 Polyester Uniform
  • CCO01 Cotton Brush Cap
  • CCO03 Cotton Brush Cap
  • CCO04 Cotton Brush Cap
  • CCO05 Cotton Twill Cap
  • CPO09 Polyester Cap
  • CCO12 Cotton Cap
  • CPO13 Polyester Cap
  • CCO14 Cotton Brush Cap
  • CCO17 Cotton Brush Cap
  • CPO18 Polyester Cap
  • CCO19 Cotton Brush Cap
  • FCO01 Cotton Fisherman Hat
  • FCO01R Reversible Cotton Fisherman Hat
  • RDM39 Dri-fit Round Neck T-Shirt (Plain)
  • RCM63 Cotton Round Neck T-Shirt (Plain)
  • RDA01 Dri-fit Round Neck T-Shirt (Plain)
  • PCO01Z Cotton Polo T-Shirt
  • SCM187 Vintage Cotton Zip Hoodie
  • RDM364 Dri-fit Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Plain)
  • RCM14 Cotton Interlock Quarter Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Natural Cotton Canvas Bags