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Silk-screen Printing

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Silk-screen Printing
T-Shirt Printing Method Details
Silk-screen printing is the industry’s standard for t-shirt printing and customisation. It is known for it’s durability and vibrancy of prints on the printed t-shirt. With a high setup charge and minimal print costs, we usually recommend this method of printing for orders of larger quantities.

Silk-screen printing is done similar to template printing in other industries. A template of the t-shirt design has to be first created, and this template will be used to replicate the design onto as many t-shirts as possible. This is the reason for the high setup charge as considerable time is required to create the template. Replicating the prints with the template takes only seconds with our experienced Silk-screen printing masters.

Through years of experience, we believe that we have mastered this method of t-shirt printing. Our prints have withstand stringent stress tests that proves the durability of the printed t-shirt. At print TShirt Singapore, we do not cut corners when choosing the type of inks for our t-shirt prints while making sure that it is environmentally-friendly.

Extremely durable
Vibrant high resolution prints
Inexpensive with large quantities
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